Dental Services

Berkeley, California

Ashby Dental in Elmwood serves families throughout Berkeley and the East Bay Area with preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. From routine cleanings to dental implants and everything in between, our friendly staff helps make sure your teeth stay healthy and look amazing. We look forward to taking great care of you and your smile!


With proper preventative care, you can minimize the risk of painful and expensive dental problems while keeping your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. Now, that’s something to smile about.


Restore your oral health with dental implants, TMJ treatment, cavity fillings, and more ‒ so you can get back to enjoying the foods you love without having to worry about tooth sensitivity.


Whether you need teeth whitening, orthodontic care, porcelain veneers, or dentures, our full suite of cosmetic dentistry services will have you smiling with confidence again in no time.


Choose Your Color ‒ Support Your Cause

At the end of each visit at Ashby Dental, when you choose a color for your free, compostable toothbrush, you’re partnering with us and MamaP to support a cause you care about. Based on the color you choose, a small donation is made to the corresponding cause. If you’re a new patient, you’ll also receive a gift bag of goodies, including a bar of soap from Clean 360.

Toothbrush Icon

580 Toothbrushes

$1,402 for ocean conservation through The Ocean Foundation

Toothbrush Icon

505 Toothbrushes

$891 to save the bees through Xerces Society

Toothbrush Icon

330 Toothbrushes

$868 for LGBTQ through the Trevor Project

Toothbrush Icon

275 Toothbrushes

$286 for mental health through the National Alliance on Mental Health

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200 Toothbrushes

$276 for women’s rights through Planned Parenthood


Toothbrushes Kept out of Landfills


Donated to Causes You Care About

Dentist Review
“Dr. Whitley and her staff were the most pleasant dentistry team I’ve ever worked with.”
Nahal G.
“I’ve never had to wait, everything is run on time and every detail greatly organized.”
Amanda J.
“Dr. Whitley is incredible with the kids, to the point where they enthusiastically look forward to appointments!”
Carolina D.
“I genuinely feel cared for and valued as a patient and couldn’t ask for anything more.”
Jeffrey P.

“Dr. Whitley and her staff are very pleasant, personable, & professional.”

Leslie F.
We’re here to take great care of you ‒ and your smile.