Patients Before & After

Fillings & Bonding

Dental abfractionDental Abfraction

Root Surface Wear

Patient had worn away his tooth structure at the gumline by brushing too hard. Placed resin to match existing tooth color and recreate the natural contours of the teeth.

Fix chipped toothFix chipped tooth

Resin Bonding 1

Patient chipped his tooth while eating. Placed resin to match the esthetics and function of the natural tooth.

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Resin Bonding 2

Patient broke her front tooth from traumatic incident. Saw patient as an emergency visit and place resin to recreate natural shape and color of natural tooth.

Dental bonding beforeBest cosmetic dentist

Cosmetic Bonding

Patient had multiple areas of decay from congenital decalcification and staining from dietary factors. Restored teeth using resin bonding to recreate natural esthetics.

Crowns, Bridges, & Veneers

Before tooth bridgeStraight teeth


Patient lost his front tooth from a reinfected root canal and fractured tooth. Restored using full ceramic bridge to match esthetics of existing crown.

Tooth crownsDental Crown


Patient needed a crown on a tooth with an old amalgam filling that had recurrent decay around it. Restored the tooth with a highly esthetic all ceramic crown.

Full Dental CrownFull Arch Crown

Full Arch Crowns

Patient had existing failing composite restorations with recurrent decay and staining. Restored with all ceramic crowns to create a new, esthetic smile.

SureSmile Clear Braces

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SureSmile Clear Aligner
Therapy 1

Patient had a large gap between his front teeth that he wanted closed. We used SureSmile clear aligners to close the space.

Restorative Dentistry in OaklandStraight teeth

SureSmile Clear Aligner
Therapy 2

Patient didn’t like her crooked lower teeth. We used SureSmile clear aligners to align the lower teeth and fix her cross bite on the upper left anterior tooth.

Cosmetic dentistry near meAfter tooth bridge

SureSmile Clear Aligner
Therapy 3

Patient didn’t like how his front teeth were starting to cross over each other. We used SureSmile clear aligners to fix the overlap on top and upright his lower anterior teeth.

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SureSmile Clear Aligner
Therapy 4

Patient didn’t like how her upper front teeth were flaring out. We used SureSmile clear aligners to straighten her teeth.

Implant Crowns

Fix teethStraight teeth

Implant Denture 1

Patient lost several teeth over the years and could not function properly. Restored his upper teeth with a full arch, implant denture. Giving the patient the ability to eat and speak naturally again.

Restorative Dentistry in OaklandStraight teeth

Implant Denture 2

Patient lost several teeth due to cavities and infection. Patient was having a hard time with his removable partial denture. Replaced his entire upper arch with an implant denture that allowed him to function fully again.

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