Wedding season is right around the corner, so if you’re a summer bride, it’s time to spruce up your photo-worthy smile. Never in your life will you have your picture taken quite as much as your wedding day! Your dress may be white, but what about your teeth? Don’t hide your smile on your big day. Book an appointment for teeth whitening in Berkeley and follow these tips as well.

Arrange a Pre-Wedding Clean

Even if it’s not exactly time for your next checkup, it’s a good idea to book one for just before your wedding so your pearly whites will feel smooth and healthy. At this visit, you’ll get a full cleaning, which involves scraping off all that sticky plaque and buffing your teeth to a shiny sheen. Your dentist will also make sure your gums are looking healthy and that you’re ready to embrace your big day with a confident smile.

Take this time to book your next cleaning in six months. It’s too easy to forget about that amidst all the wedding preparations, honeymoon, and post wedded bliss.

Book Teeth Whitening

At this appointment, you can ask about teeth whitening as well. Make sure you book that visit well ahead of your wedding date to ensure you get the shade of white you’re looking for. This may entail an extra visit or some extra time during your initial appointment. You can also decide if you want to do an in-office treatment or take-home trays. If you’re on a time crunch, the professional in-office treatment is the fastest, with the best guaranteed results.

Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene Habits

Wedding season isn’t the time to get lax about your oral hygiene. If anything, you should be ramping up your routine and following it strictly. You’re going to be seeing many people over the next month, so you’ll want to put your best face forward with a healthy smile and fresh breath. Brush and floss regularly, and use mouthwash.

However, stay away from mouthwash solutions that contain alcohol, as they can dry out dental work and weaken the structure of your teeth. Instead, go with alcohol-free, colorless, natural formulas. Switch out your toothbrush every three to four months. When bristles get frayed, they aren’t as effective and can’t remove as much plaque from those hard-to-reach places.

Use the Right Makeup Colors

Did you know you can enhance your smile with the strategic use of makeup colors? It’s true. Many colors can highlight the whiteness of your teeth, such as lipsticks in warm colors like bright red, pink, or cherry. Stay away from blue toned lipsticks, which make for a poor contrast against stains, serving to highlight any yellow tinge present on your teeth. Use a bronzer to provide a darker skin tone against the brightness of the teeth.

Remove Stains

In addition to cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, there are simple ways you can keep stains off your teeth. Stay away from red wine, coffee, balsamic vinegar, soda, berries, and other dark foods and beverages. If you do indulge, wipe your teeth with a tissue or brush immediately to keep stains from setting in.

Switch to a pre-wedding diet that consists of:

  • Naturally-abrasive fiber-rich raw fruits and vegetables: They can clean teeth as you eat.
  • Calcium-rich foods, such as yogurt, cheese, or low-fat or fat-free milk: These products promote strong teeth and bones.
  • Phosphorus: Found in dairy, fish, lean meat, eggs, beans and nuts, phosphorus helps strengthen teeth.
  • Citrus fruits, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, and peppers: They are loaded with vitamin C, which promotes gum health.

If you do drink dark liquids, soda, or ice coffee, use a straw to minimize the time spent in your mouth and on your teeth.

Thinking Ahead

If your wedding isn’t till next year and you’re unhappy with your smile, correct it with clear aligners such as SureSmile Clear Braces. This cosmetic dentistry option can fix a crooked smile, but it could take up to a year or more. Star planning now and your walk down the aisle will have you beaming with pride in your new smile.

Book Your Teeth Whitening Appointment With Ashby Dental in Elmwood

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